How to toast a Marshmallow
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Or, a brief and disjointed report on certain affairs of state
Submitted By margery on 11/05/18
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Pathetic blogging notwithstanding, I am here to say that it should not be long now before life settles into it's usual state of relative normalness around here.  
I decline to give a more detailed definition of the word normalness - I'm not sure that's possible with our family;)
Something you may be able to relate to, however, included in the term, is that I am hoping to have a computer of my own soon!  You might perhaps recall the event of my former laptop being murdered last June, in a tragic event including a small sister, a large glass of milk, and a short-circuit deluge.  I have since been blogging, supporting an online business, the whole nine yards  - on the uncertain hospitality of my dear brother's computer. . .it's been onerous, to say the least;)
I've been working, saving, and praying for another computer ever since, and one of these days (soon) I hope to see my prayer realized.  In the meantime, I know you'll understand my exceedingly lame blogging patterns of late.  Every two weeks or so?  Christopher Columbus. =)  
So hang in there, my friends - I'll be a famously prolific blogger yet! ;D
In other news, The Senior banquet was lovely.  I am still trying to get ahold of pictures from the event... I have a camera on the list just below laptop:)  Also, my trip pictures.  Additionally, some cute little pictures of everyday life, sewing pictures, and pictures in general are currently MIA, but should be available for display soon.
For now, enjoy my sister's expertise as she demonstrates the time-honored and exciting pastime of marshmallow roasting.  Also, I shall show you how to best enjoy a piercing and mist-laden day on the lake,
Idaho style - "What, snow melt-off?  The water's great!"
(No, I didn't catch pneumonia nor die of hypothermia.  Quite.:)

Happy Wednesday, y'all!
- Kellie

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Re: How to toast a Marshmallow
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Posted 2011/05/20 - 17:33 GMT
A little {freezing} cold water can't hurt a North Idaho Farmgirl! ;D
Cute pictures of Tilda:)
Love you,
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Re: How to toast a Marshmallow
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Posted 2011/05/23 - 17:30 GMT
Your title reminded me of a post another blogger did a few years back. It was about a saying of her father's: "How to toast a Smooshmallow: You want to give it a suntan, not cast it into Eternity unsaved." Hee! :-D
Having one's own computer can be a very freeing thing. Hope yours is soon in coming!
That wouldn't happen to be Lake Tahoe, would it?
God bless, and a belated Welcom Home!
~"Wild Rose"~

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