Time to say Goodbye
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Submitted By margery on 11/08/17
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At last, it is ready.
My new blog is awaiting your perusal in all it's shining and lambent newness.
I hope you feel right at home there - and come back often!  After all, it's not really a good bye but a warm greeting to this exciting new phase in my blogging journey.
I'm thrilled to be able to take all of my wonderful and faithful followers along with me to this new 'net home, and look forward to making many more lovely friends!
It's been an amazing journey, this blogging, and I've been truly blessed to be a part of it for so long already.  A Maiden's Musings has been a wonderful experience.  
I've moved a handful of my favorite posts over to the new blog, so that you can continue to enjoy them in the months and years to come. 
I changed my blog name, also, from A Maiden's Musings to Accordion to Kellie.  It just fits me better - I think it's a winner. =)  Hope you like it as much as I do!
I decided to make the change from PlexPedia, my brother's excellent web-hosting site, after much thought and contemplation.  I want to be as effective as possible with the amount of time and energy invested in blogging, and I'm afraid that I just wasn't able to connect with my reader base in the PlexPedia format as much as I had hoped.  I decided that I would be more effective if I made the change to Blogger, as so many more of you would feel right at home with it's blog formatting.  It was a hard decision - PlexPedia is so amazing!
However, here I am, all moved in and opening house.  I sincerely hope to find a warm welcome in the Blogger circle, and to be able to provide you, my wonderful readers, with a host of inspiration, beauty, and encouragement.
So come along and stay awhile
Accordion to Kellie

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Re: Time to say Goodbye
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Posted 2012/09/12 - 4:27 GMT
Bloggers from the Falconer family has moved from Aubrey's own network.
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Re: Time to say Goodbye
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Posted 2012/09/12 - 4:39 GMT
Can you at least check the dates before gravedigging?
If there is no comments, leave it like that.

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