A Fair Day
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Good old-fashioned fun!
Submitted By margery on 09/08/31
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The last week in August was the Bonner County fair!  
Every time the fair rolls around, I am reminded anew of how blessed I am to live in North Idaho. 
The Bonner Fair has no carnival, which is wonderful, in my opinion! There is also no entrance fee, unless you want to count the $1.50 parking fee which was implemented this year to help pay for a new roof for the 4-H food booth:) 
It's just a gathering of the community to celebrate the work of our hands, and a time to visit and enjoy the company of neighbors and friends.  As far as I'm concerned, it's the perfect country fair=)  
The girls and I were able to enter some of the things we made in the fair this year, which was fun!  Ellen made a pencil sketch, an origami frog, and a greeting card.  Lilly made a darling duck out of a gourd (he was rather sad by the end of the week;), as well as some drawings, and all of the girls entered flowers.
I entered some cookies, an embroidered dishtowel, a little scottish doll I made, some sewing, hmm... and a few other things I can't think of right now.
One of the things I enjoyed most was looking at all of the other entries in the different sections.  There was this perfectly darling log dollhouse that a man had made for his wife, that was a perfect replica of their hand-built house.  He won reserve grand champion for Best of Show, by the way!
A highlight at the fair for us this year was the 4-H sewing project, which Ellen, Lilly and myself were in, and the leader of which was my sweet Mother.  
Before the fair, the 4-H fashion revue was held, which is basically where one saunters up and down on a stage, wearing the garment one sewed for their 4-H project, smiling, feeling ridiculous, and being scrutinized by a board of judges.  You may guess what my opinion of such proccedings are;)  
Needless to say, I survived, and had a lovely time with my friend Mandy (Who was also in the sewing project), being nervous before hand, and feeling relived together afterwards. I'm so glad you were there, Mandy!;)
A lovely fivesome - Me, Mandy, Ellen, Ashley, and Lilly~
I love this picture=)
The Careywood Eager Beavers sewing group - everyone got a blue ribbon for their modeling!  Great job, girls:)
Now where was... Ah yes.  The fair.
Here are the girls and I with our be- ribboned garments=)
Lovely Lilly
Elegant Ellen - You did a wonderful job, dear.  The judges didn't know that authentic historic dresses do not have interfacing in the waistband!
And myself.  
Was I in for a surprise!!  My western shirt won senior reserve champion=) They had me bring the split skirt I made to go with it on display.
The actual fashion revue over, I thought I was finished with such shenanigans.
As it turned out, however, another fashion show was a going to be held at the fairgrounds, and I was roped into it again=)  It wasn't judged, and was rather casual, but...!
Waiting to go into the arena
Bonner County sewing group~
The interested spectators. . . 
Well, That wasn't the end to the surprises of the day!  
At the 4-H awards ceremony later that evening, the winners of the 4-H Modeling awards (which is combined with sewing), were being called.  
I was tired, not listening, unconscious of the drone of the loudspeaker, when of a sudden I heard someone say - '' you won!''   I was being shoved of my seat towards the arena.  I was then made to understand that I had won the top model award in the 15 - 18 age division... unbelievable!  I, who had probably complained more that anyone else about having to do such a ridiculous thing as modeling.  Wonders never cease=)
Well, aside from the 4-H festivities, we all had a lovely time.  As we went by the Panhandle Tractor and Engine Club booth, a man came out and asked Lilly to pull a name out of a hat (I think it was a hat;) for a raffle they were having.  That was exciting(=
There was also this guy jumping around on these stilts with spring things on them, wearing a twisty balloon hat.  He was racing a couple of little kids, and one of them beat him;)  Alex went up and challenged him to a race, but he declined on account of his suspecting that Alex would beat him too=)  
We tried to get Aubrey to ride the mechanical bull, but to no avail.  Ellen pleaded to be permitted to try, but, as she was wearing a hoop skirt, we wisely dissuaded her=)
And there's a true and faithful chronicle of all our doings at the Bonner County fair.  
Happy Trails y'all!

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Re: A Fair Day
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Posted 2009/09/18 - 16:37 GMT
Your fair day looked like tons of fun!
Your sewing projects look great. I love your western shirt. ;)
Our county fair does have a carnival and an entrance fee. (We always got in free on 4-H day though)
Congrats on your wins!


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