Happy Birthday, Clara!
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Four years old
Submitted By margery on 09/10/15
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Clara's birthday was on Tuesday.
She turned four years old.  But not until she opened her presents - if asked how old she was before, she would would inform you that was she was still three.  Where she acquired that idea, I do not know=)
Unfortunately, we were rather miserable with a cold, which turned into a fever on my part towards the afternoon.  My sweet little Clara spent the greater part of it at the sofa where I lay, leaning over me and patting my head with most loving solicitude.  I was almost reconciled to being so miserable=)
We love you so much, Clara!  You are a constant joy.
My little cowgirl
~Third Birthday~
~Second Birthday~
~First Birthday~
(BTW: In this rather famous picture, we are whipping the cream for Clara's birthday cake in the traditional manner - shaking it violently in a lidded cup.  In this case, we (ahem) got carried away, and ended up making butter instead=)
Well, a fourth birthday calls for a celebration... and now that we are well, a celebration is in order!
I am now off to undertake the construction of a proper birthday cake - with butter inside instead of on top=)

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Re: Happy Birthday, Clara!
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Posted 2009/10/15 - 21:58 GMT
Sweet little Clara - I can't believe she's already 4!  Where does the time go?!
I love picture No. 7:)  Remember how she wouldn't blow out the candles?  Too shy:)
LSHICB - I always laugh when I see those sunglasses;)
I think I'd better get busy and finish Clara's birthday present!=)
P.S. Although not what we were going for, I thought the sweet butter tasted rather nice:)  Your Pa was rather sad though;)

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