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Interview with a porcupine
Submitted By margery on 09/10/08
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Interview with a porcupine
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Posted 2009/10/08 - 17:57 GMT
Hehe - what did Rosie look like after her interview?? ;)
Leroy looks so cute in that picture, with just the tip of her tongue sticking out, and a quill on her ear:)
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Posted 2009/10/08 - 22:01 GMT
Leroy is a very photogenic dog - and a very cute one;)
Hmm... You want to see Rosie's interview?  Coming right up...=)
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Posted 2009/10/08 - 22:08 GMT
I think my favorite picture of Leroy is the one I took of her at Talache, where she's licking her nose:)
Looks like y'all had fun with Rosie;)  Thankfully, Bonnie hasn't tangled with a porcupine or a skunk...yet.
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Posted 2009/10/12 - 4:47 GMT
This doesn't have anything to do with Leroy, but...
By some strange coincidence I stumbled upon Noble Rose Press about the same day you added the link to your Links page!  What a neat business!   It's so inspiring to see other young ladies using their God given talents in creative ways that glorify Him.
Anyway, just thought I'd mention that:)
Your ever devoted,
P.S. I hope your cold goes away soon:(  I miss you:) 
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Posted 2009/10/15 - 18:46 GMT
Yes, and the paper dolls, the website, everything, is so lovely and sweet! I really was encouraged.
What a coincidence=)
Thank you:)  I said I was almost recovered then, but I was only beginning to be sick, so it seemed.  For over a week now, nearly all of us have down sick, and I have barely been able to think, even, for days=(  But I now have a voice again!  Yay!  It's so annoying to be voiceless.  I miss you too:)  I HTSYVS!
Lovingly in Christ,
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Posted 2009/10/15 - 22:01 GMT
Oh, their website is just darling!  I sure wish I could paint like that...
I'm so glad you're feeling better!!  I hate that feeling of not being able to think:{

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