A montage of hilarity
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something I need right now
Submitted By margery on 09/10/08
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Yes, I've been down with a rather miserable cold the last two days.  
So, now that I am (hopefully) nearly recovered, I feel an inherent urge to laugh.  Hard.  
Will you join me?
Look.  Can I be more pointed?  I am an inflicted individual, here - the least you could do would be to leave me to my solitary reflections...  And for goodness' sake, don't put me on the blog!!
Nevertheless, I know when to bow to the inevitable.
*Rosie's turn*
*grumph*  *Oomph*  "Ow!  That was my nose!"
(Editor's note: Which one?)
"Hold still, you grinning canine!"
"But I'm sooo happy to have you laying on top of me like this - it's my very favorite thing in the whole world..."  
Anyone who has met Rosie knows the truth of this statement=)
"And even though my muzzle is filled with tiny quills, I'm so so so happy to be getting all this attention - just look at my big doggie grin!"
Doggie pile!!!
Oh, that felt good.
Let's see, what else do I have in here...  Aha!
*Nap like you mean it*
 Or this one... hehe;)
I think they were discussing politics...
Lilly - she got in a spat with a burdock thistle...
This one never fails to make me smile=)
I'm so happy to have gotten that out of my system...
I will now return to my normal state as a sensible human being.  (Wha...?)
Happy Trails y'all!
P.S. Thank you for bearing with me, my dear readers.... I appreciate it so very much.

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Re: A montage of hilarity
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Posted 2009/10/08 - 22:06 GMT
Lol.  Thank you Kellie - I needed to laugh badly=) 
You saved my family from being stuck with Tasha-the-grouch for the rest of the day;)
Poor Rosie:)
Hehe, I like the caption for No. 8;)
That one of Lilly always makes me smile=)
Hmm, No. 11 reminds me that we took several pictures with the iMac last time you were over...I should post them *gasp* =D
I'm glad you're getting over your cold!  Remind me to talk to you about playing music at rest homes next time we're together - I keep forgetting:}

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