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A whole line of lovely Plexpedia blog templates!!!
Submitted By margery on 09/11/14
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I have been working on a project.  A fun, frustrating, fascinating project.  It has had me on the computer for many long hours (which may make some of you gasp with astonishment;), but I have been having a blast. 
What I have done is designed a new line of darling (if I do say so;) blog templates for those of you who may have liked the idea of a Plexpedia blog, but thought, like I did, that it was way too ugly to use;-D  With the invaluable assistance of my ingenious brother, I hope to change all that.  
Allow me to present the four designs soon to be released!
Retro Rose~
Sunflower Porch~
Cherries Jubilee~
Neapolitan Ice Cream~
So long, folks!

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Re: Coming Soon...
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Posted 2009/11/14 - 23:10 GMT
Kellie!!  I'm SHOCKED!  Absolutely SHOCKED!  You?!  Spending HOURS on the computer?!?!?;D Hehe...
Those are absolutely darling, dear!!=)
...and now I'm gonna go pout...because I asked Aubrey - last spring -  if I could design a few girly, pretty themes for PlexPedia, and he, in a round about way, and pretending not to understand what I was talking about, said "no".  That is so like a man... Oh well...;)
I'm glad there will be some pretty themes on PlexPedia now;)
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Re: Coming Soon...
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2009/11/20 - 3:45 GMT
Oh Joy! I cannot wait! Now I will be able to set up a real blog! lol

Thank you Miss Kellie!
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Re: Coming Soon...
3 hours - 295v
Posted 2009/11/22 - 0:31 GMT
Absolutey adorable, Kellie!! Good work!

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