Thoughtful Thankfulness
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Submitted By margery on 09/11/26
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I made this little quiz/tag awhile back, and thought that now, the day before Thanksgiving, would be the perfect time to share it!
~*~*~*~Thoughtful Thankfulness~*~*~*~
1.  List three things you wouldn't want to live without
2.  Name something you had to do without recently
3.  What are you most thankful for that you consider a luxury?
4.  Name the item you use the most throughout your day
5.  What would you do without the item listed in #4?
6.  Name something that you use in the kitchen that you are thankful for
7.  What is (one of ) the best earthly gift(s) you ever received?
8.  Name a completly random thing you are thankful for
9.  How often do you think about the item listed in #8?
10.  Name something you recently acquired, that you have wanted for a long time
11.  Would you rather have #4, or #7?
12.  Name one of your favorite things
13.  Look around the room you are in, and name three things you enjoy in it
14.  List two things that you use to do chores that you are thankful for
15.  Name something that you sometimes wish you didn't have in your life, that you would miss dreadfully if it were taken away
16.  Post a picture (or two) of something you are thankful for!
Now for the fun part! =)
1.  Music, books, sewing (And laughter!)
2.  White flour='(
3.  Our wonderful horse, Brownie
4.  My brain... I hope;-)  Also, my hands.  My right thumb, to be exact.  I did a scientific analysis on the subject=)
5.  I would be a frightening creature, to say the least!
6.  My darling red and white polka-dot apron
7.  The wonderful gift from my parents of providing horses for all of us girls, and everything that goes with that - trips to 4-H meetings, lots of hay (and senior feed!), afternoons spent at Farragut going on trail rides, and the annual hot, seemingly endless two day Horse Show ordeal, to name a few!
8.  Oriental lily bulbs
9.  Whenever I think of spring!
10.  Ooh... that's coming up in my next post!!!
11.  Weeell, I would have to go with number 4, in this particular case=)
12.  My pith helmet
13.  My cute little tomato pincushion, a hymnal, and... Aubrey! =D
14.  This time of year, I am very thankful for my warm work gloves!  Also, trough heaters, and... umm... sponges!
15.  My seat belt=)
16.  ~*~*~
Peach pies and aprons
Hens, fuzzy chicks, and fresh eggs
Good friends, memories..
... And music shared
Beautiful North Idaho
And last, but not least -  the thing we nearly always take for granted, but which is one of the most vital aspects of our lives.  
The freedom which our forefathers fought and died for, which our foremothers sacrificed and prayed for, the freedom which allows us the right to worship God and raise our children as we choose, the freedom which we have grown to look upon as our right as Americans... and which we are fast losing.
May we never forget what those who have gone before have done for us, and for this country of ours.  May we, the next generation, follow their example of diligence, perseverance, Godliness, and courage so that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will look back and say with thankful hearts;  "Our forefathers faced the evils of their time with bravery, wisdom, and Godliness so that we have the liberties we enjoy.  May we follow in their footsteps to continue that legacy!"
So, what are you thankful for?  I would love to have y'all share your answers to my poor little quiz=)  Consider yourself  "tagged", if you so desire!

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Re: Thoughtful Thankfulness
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/11/27 - 0:06 GMT
What a grand idea, dear!  I just finished doing it on my blog:)
I'll have to unearth the quiz that we created a while back and post it on my blog...
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Re: Thoughtful Thankfulness
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2009/11/27 - 0:55 GMT
Girls... were you really playing air soft???  Do you want to know how many times I have been dragged into that..??
I love the pictures Kellie!
Have a great day!
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Re: Thoughtful Thankfulness
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2009/11/28 - 0:28 GMT
Well, yes, we were... I don't remember why, though;)  Oh, I do remember!  We wanted to get really hot so that we could jump into the lake afterward.  
And those brothers or ours need supporting in their crazy pastimes=)
You too!
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Re: Thoughtful Thankfulness
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/11/28 - 1:36 GMT
Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!;) 
I've never really disliked airsoft, and I don't really mind playing it, but it really ruined having a good ol' ordinary fun game of capture-the-flag:(
That was such a fun day - you could have knocked me over with a feather when you agreed to play airsoft, Kellie;D
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Re: Thoughtful Thankfulness
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2009/11/28 - 2:01 GMT
Oh, it is fun! But when you have a brother that talks obout it 24/7??? Then it gets old!

A ball would be some much fun! Just get Peppy, Matthew, Josiah, and Brett.... (I won't finish! lol)

P.S. They do need some support sometimes!

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