The Viscount
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Kellie has a new arrival! ;-)
Submitted By margery on 09/11/26
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I have news!  Wonderful news!  I... have....
Drum roll please...
Purchased a vintage sewing machine in it's own darling sewing table!!! 
As you probably guessed, I am very excited.  
It is the most unique sewing machine I have ever seen.  And it sews beautifully!  I adore everything about it!  Really - have you ever seen a robin's-egg-blue sewing machine?  It reminds me of a soda fountain and a retro rocket ship rolled into one.  I think it was made sometime in the 50s.  And... I made the bargain of the century by getting the machine, table, a chair, a sheet of glass to set on top of the table, and a can of touch-up paint for $20!  
I am smitten with the table, too... the cunning little thing!  If only I had a place to put it, now...  that would be perfect!  As it is, I guess I'll have to keep it on the back bunk.  Only then I can't open it.  Patience, patience...
*Slam*  Now we can go home!!
(Name that line...!;)
~Happy Trails!~

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Re: The Viscount
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Posted 2009/11/27 - 0:10 GMT
Oh, Kellie!!!  It's darling!  I love it!  What in incredible deal!  Where did you purchase it?! 
Robin''s too sweet for words!
lol.  I can name that line;)
P.S. Apparently I've not outgrown my love of exclamation points;D
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Re: The Viscount
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2009/11/28 - 0:17 GMT
Ma found it on Craig's List - though why anyone would use such an incredibly ugly, unintuitive classifieds is beyond me.
People seem to use it, though... if you want to buy or sell something, it's the place to look! 
Oh, it is!!:-)
Ellen and I were going around mumbling Motel... Tzietel... Perchik... Lazar Wolf... the other day - those names are so fun to say! ;)
!  ;)
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Re: The Viscount
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/11/28 - 1:30 GMT
Ugh - I can't stand Craig's List.  The peace sign favicon bugs me...
Oh, I know!  I love the way the names roll off my tongue, especially Perchik and Tzietel...and Lazar Wolf, of course;)
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Re: The Viscount
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Posted 2009/11/27 - 0:56 GMT
I love it Kellie!
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Re: The Viscount
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Posted 2014/03/20 - 5:03 GMT
Hi! I recently purchased this same machine. I was wondering if you would be able to take a picture of the stitch selection dial and email ( it to me. Mine is missing and I'm having problems finding a picture of it. Thank you.

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