In which I update my readers on various random happenings
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Submitted By margery on 10/01/02
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I just thought I'd share a few pictures from the last few weeks highlighting our happenings.  Now or never, say I=)
Here goes! 
For a few years now, we have taken a picture in this same position, in this same setting, and I think it is now an established tradition, which started quite by accident=)  It's so neat to be able to see how much we've changed over the years!
~Christmas 2005~
 ~Christmas 2008~
 ~Christmas 2009~
(You will notice the two girls on the end are always matching by a seeming miracle.  Some things never change;)
The President, Vice-President, and Charter Member of The-Thing-That's-In-The-Closet - otherwise known as the Big Girl's Club=)
All the girls
A lovely shot of the non-tribal hairstyle=)  (It was at this juncture that Aubrey said I looked like I could send heretics to the stake without compunction:)
Fun with Photo Booth;)
I had a lot of fun working on these shepherdess dishtowels for a custom order -
As well as a new line of country girl dishtowels=)
We were able to visit G.G. (our great grandma) this week.  She lives in town, so we don't see her a often as we used to.  
She is such an amazing person!  She and her family - she was the oldest of 17 - lived in London during the air raids of W.W.ll.  G.G always has a story or two to tell us!
And, last but not least, today the girls and I got out a wool felting kit we were given awhile back, and I made this darling old couple=)  
I am entranced with wool felting... it is so much fun!!  Well, that is, when the needle pokes the wool, and not my finger;)
My sweet helper, donning a lovely coating of apricot jam=)
I have been working hard on my online shop, and I hope to see you there soon!  I received my business cards in the mail the other day, which was very exciting:)
May you all have a very blessed new year!

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Re: In which I update my readers on various random happenings
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Posted 2010/01/02 - 16:33 GMT
It's definitely a fun tradition, and very neat to see how much we've changed over the years:)  If only I could learn the secret of being photogenic...*sigh*  Some have it, and some don't, I suppose:)
lol.  Some things don't Aubrey's iPhone case thingy;)
I really like your non-tribal hairstyle - it looks really nice on you, even if you allegedly look like you could send heretics to the stake without compunction;D 
What would we do without Photobooth?;)  Do I have your permission to post those pics we took when we were eating the cream puffs?=)
Those dishtowels are lovely, dear!  I LOVE the shepherdess ones!  Too cute:)
I would really like to hear some of your G.G.'s stories sometime - they sound fascinating=)  My Great Grandma Anna used to tell me all kinds of stories from when she was a girl.
I tried wool felting was fun, but I just never got into it.  I made a goose:)  Oh, and a cat.
Aww, I want to kiss your helper, apricot jam and all:)
I can hardly wait to see your online shop!  How exciting!  You've been quite busy lately:)
Is it really icy at your house?  It is super icy at ours.  The Hat Band was supposed to play at a gun show in Spokane today, but we can't even get out of our driveway!  Dad went to pull out, and the car just kept sliding, and sliding...he finally had to run it into the snow bank to get it to stop:)  Fun, fun...
Much love,
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Re: In which I update my readers on various random happenings
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Posted 2010/01/07 - 6:14 GMT
Thank you for sharring!  I have not seen GG in many years.  She looks the same, only older!  I love you all, Aunt Anna

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