Happy 10th Birthday, Lilly!
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~January 7, 2010~
Submitted By margery on 10/01/08
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Always with a sunny smile.  Sometimes one might just catch her with a wild fawn or rooster in her arms, too.
I still can't believe she's growing up so fast... I thought it was only yesterday that she was the baby, and now - behold a lovely young lady!!
We love you, little Lilly!  

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Re: Happy 10th Birthday, Lilly!
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Posted 2010/01/08 - 5:34 GMT
My, my...ten-years-old! 
Lilly, you have grown into such a sweet young lady, and you are very dear to me.
I love you so much.
Happy Birthday, dear!
P.S.  Ahem.  Madame Vice-President of the-thing-that's-in-the-closet, sometimes known as the Big Girls Club.  After much thought and deliberation, I've decided that Miss Lilly has earned the right to become a full fledged member of the BGC.   
However, before we take this important step and proceed with the initiation, I would like to call an emergency meeting between the honorable Vice-President and the honorable President of the BGC to discuss the future of our illustrious club, and our members in training.  For fear of an uprising among the remaining prospective members, which could put the BGC in the closet forever, with the door locked and the key thrown away, I believe this meeting is of the utmost importance.  Oh, yes - we also need to come up with an initiation ceremony...;)
Affectionately yours,
The Honorable President of the BGC
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Re: Happy 10th Birthday, Lilly!
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2010/09/01 - 21:38 GMT
Lol.  As the Madame Vice-President of the-thing-that's-in-the-closet, I completely agree with You=)
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Re: Happy 10th Birthday, Lilly!
2 hours - 249v
Posted 2010/01/10 - 4:52 GMT
A huge Happy Birthday to Lilly from Oregon!  I met her for the first time when she was just 4 weeks old!  She was such a good baby!  I love you Lilly!

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