Literary Tea Party, Part One
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~The Cake~
Submitted By margery on 10/02/15
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As most of you know, I was very blessed to have a lovely literary tea party for my 18th birthday this year.  I have the Dischers to thank for the wonderful idea=)
Everyone dressed up as (one of) their favorite literary or historical characters, and I was delighted by the taste and creativity displayed in all of the lovely costumes!  
Well, the glorious day has come and gone.  I can hardly believe it's all over!  So much planning, anticipation, and preparation - and now, just memories and oatmeal=)
We didn't get too many snapshots of the actual party, but there are many that did.
I have decided to share the few pictures I have at the moment in installments, and without further ado, allow me to present - The Cake.
I actually can't remember the last time I had a "real" birthday cake...  I haven't even made a real cake since I was a little girl in our old house. =)
Baking a three-layer cake in the trailer oven took a little over three solid hours - but it was worth every minute of the work to me!  I made it in a sort of desperate defiance of trailer life - I was determined to have a real birthday cake for this special party!  
It's so easy to overlook a little thing like a place to set down one's cake to cool, but when you have to struggle and plan and coax to get such a simple thing to happen, the victory is Oh! so sweet - and every bite is attended with thankfulness!
Filled with homemade apricot jam, and swathed in cream cheese icing.
The girls helped me make the marzipan flowers!
Putting the finishing touches on early in the morning of the big day - I could start a fashion trend;)
The moment of triumph
Till next time,

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Re: Literary Tea Party, Part One
3 hours - 295v
Posted 2010/02/17 - 1:44 GMT
Ooooh! That looked like such fun!!
I love the cake. So pretty.
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Re: Literary Tea Party, Part One
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2010/02/17 - 4:47 GMT
Thank you:)
It was so lovely - we unanimously decided that we need to have dress-up parties more often!  Thank you over again for inspiring us, also=)
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Re: Literary Tea Party, Part One
2 hours - 249v
Posted 2010/04/19 - 2:51 GMT
Your cake was stunning!

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