~February Journal~
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At home of a February evening
Submitted By margery on 10/02/23
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~February 22, 2010, 8:44PM~ 
Outside my window... Is clear, crisp, and cold darkness
I am thinking... I need to go shooting more this summer
I am wearing... A thrifted denim skirt, thrifted mint green 3/4 sleeve shirt, and a homemade polka-dot apron
Accomplished today... nothing you could put on a list, but a full and sunny day, nonetheless
I am thankful... for many things I might not even be thinking about right now, but enjoying and using just the same 
One of my favorite things... laughing at something silly with a friend until we cry
I am reading... Wives and Daughters, A Chance To Die, and George Washington's Sacred Fire, which I have just started.  I'm not sure if it will be a good book with truthful history in it, or if it will turn out to be another mainstream bestseller, with a modern revisionist slant, yet:)
I am seeing... the girls playing set - the family game of visual perception! =)
I am wondering... what it would be like to actually hit the road as a "street musicians and wayside evangelists" as I once so aptly expressed it, for a month or two... someday I want to do that=)
In the kitchen... is a stack of dishes waiting for me... they are so obliging in that way...
I am learning... that if you don't want to be sore after the first spring horseback ride, you'll have to keep it up all winter=( ;)
Scripture I am reading... Deuteronomy & Hebrews
I am creating... Pear jam
I am wishing... I could play the fiddle!
I am hearing... whistling, mumbling, scraping, taping, humming, clicking, beeping chuckling - all coming from eight engrossed occupants of one crowded trailer...
Random thought... I know just what Jean Arthur in that picture up there is thinking... only we're both too deep in thought to put the think into words 
Favorite Photo...
A pile of homemade Christmas cheer!

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Re: ~February Journal~
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/02/24 - 3:38 GMT
I'd really like to do some shooting this summer, too.  And some archery. 
"laughing at something silly with a friend until we cry" - that's one of my favorite things, too;)
I love that picture of Jean Arthur.

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