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Submitted By margery on 10/02/26
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~February 25, 2010, 9:49PM~ 
Outside my window... is clear and bathed in moonlight - the stars are so breathtaking, they bring tears to my eyes
I am thinking... that the sky is exactly the same, Orion is in exactly the same place, as he was the night, five years ago today, when I watched him wend his way along the tips of the trees.  A whole night spent in out in the frost, comforting the last hours of my dear friend, Stonewall - and praying for complete and unwavering faith in the will of my Father.  A night of deep soul-searching... that with the dawn brought perfect peace.
I am thankful...  that the passing years add joy and beauty to memories with pain
One of my favorite things... learning something new
Accomplished today... learned the first part to a lovely new piano piece, went for a walk with Ma and the girls, designed a dress that I have exciting plans for, got out my accordion from the shed, let it warm up, and played it=), got the laundry hooked up after that last cold spell, and, because the lighting was so nice today, I got Ma to do a "photo shoot" with me and my accordion:-)
I am wearing... a thrifted a-line skirt, a dark floral blouse (which I altered considerably and embroidered in red), a red cardigan, and an extravagant "Gibson Girl" hair do;-)
I am reading... A Chance To Die, George Washington's Sacred Fire, Rob Roy
I am seeing... Pa clean his gun, the girls getting ready for bed, and a lovely, clean kitchen *blissful sigh*
I am going... to to make a cream floral print regency gown one of these days... I would love to wear it around the house and on long tramps early in the morning! (With a shawl and bonnet, of course=)
In the kitchen... are the result a combined Pa-and-Kellie cookie craving - homemade snickerdoodles
I am learning... more about Clara's invisible friend NO-NAME every day - today I was informed that he/it
is a she.  Sometimes.
Scripture I am reading... Deuteronomy & 1 Peter
I am creating... a sketch of a dress I designed
I am hoping... to finish several things on my list tomorrow
I am hearing... People talking, a baby radio trolling out are you sleeping? and little girls giggling 
Random thought... honey bees are some of my favorite creatures=)
Favorite Photo...


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