You'll never guess where I've been this week!
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You get three and the first two don't count. . .
Submitted By margery on 10/03/23
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March 14, Sunday, noon 
. . . We are cruising along a sun-drenched and windswept highway in the south of Utah.  The journey started yesterday around noon, and we've been having a jolly good time so far.  I am so excited to discover all that the the Lord has in store for me this week - I'm still rather in a state of shock that I'm even here!  God's timing is so wonderfully perfect...
Planning to stay in Cameron, Arizona tonight, which is about four hours from the Grand Canyon.  I just. Can't. Believe. I will actually see it tomorrow!  
After we look our fill at that remarkable and breathtaking product of a worldwide flood, we will turn our faces toward Phoenix.
The scenery we are driving through is... stunning.  
We just stopped by the side of the road to take some pictures of a fantastically colored plateau which even Mr. G. dubbed impressive.  That's saying a lot, for I have a strong suspicion that all of of the incessant oohing and aahhing (not to mention Wowing) from five females in the vehicle is wearing on him. . .=) 
Oh, excuse me.  You didn't hear the news, then?
Well, I'll try to start from the beginning.  
Incredible as it sounds, the G. family took me with them to Church Camp Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.  We were hoping our whole family could go, but the Lord willed it otherwise - and with two days warning, I started packing for a week-long road trip.
I want to at least attempt to chronicle the whole of this amazing trip, lest I start to forget priceless memories and wonderful moments.
I was not able to bring a camera, but all three of the G. ladies did.  As soon as we get a C.D. made of all the pictures, I will start my story.  In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few choice tidbits from our ancient and dilapidated old flip video camera.
Southern Utah
My lovely right-hand traveling companion - Zigzag, aka Mandy
The handiwork of my entertaining and talented left-hand traveling companion, Isaac, alias Ivan.  That's a poodle in the upper left corner:)
Don't ask me what the other things are...
Zion National Park
The G's friend Miss Heather from Montana joined us on the way down - It was so nice to get to know you, Heather!

Well, that's a start, anyway.  I feel so inadequate to try to express what an amazing week this has been - at times it seems to have taken a month at least, and then it seems as if the moments were but a fleeting vapor. 
I can never thank you enough, Zocket family!  What a blessing to attend Camp Meeting - what a joy to crowd so many superbly delightful memories into one. Amazing. Week.
Till next time,

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