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A windstorm, a list, and a very thankful girl
Submitted By margery on 10/05/04
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 ~May 3, 2010, 7:43PM~ 
The weather out my window... has been raining and blowing a gale o' wind all day!
I am thinking... Rainy day at dusk thoughts
What I've occupied myself with today... Laundry, working on my online shop, and building the goats a new pen for the summer before the power went out due to this whistling windstorm - curling up on the sofa in a state of numb coziness and reading afterwards;)  Once it came back on, I went straight to the piano, gave it a hug, coaxed a few jaunty chords from it, and heartily wished it were acoustic. . . =( :)
I am wearing... a warm thrifted brown wrap sweater and scarlet hued tee, a homemade denim skirt, and a loose braid
I am feeling...  wistful, cold, amused, and thoughtful (strange combination, I know!)
I am thankful... Oh! So thankful right now!  
In fact, I think I'll jot down a list today. . .
My poor, dear, half-dead piano with shot speakers - I hate it, I love it, I could not live without it!
The fact that when I think I could never live without something, Jesus loves me enough to show me over and over again that all I need is Him
Running water
Heat - oooh, I love you! ;)
My Family all around me
Lights after dark;)
Fresh goat milk every day
Clara's smile
All of my wonderful friends
The simple things in life
Jesus Christ - my strong and mighty tower
One of my favorite things... Giving and receiving book recommendations from friends, and discussing them afterwards
I am reading... JudgesA Tale of Two Cities, and Sergeant York
In the kitchen... is running water!  Hallelujah!
I am blessed... to have a home in Idaho!
I am creating... a design for my 4-H sewing project
I am wishing... I could go on another trip sometime soon - sad, isn't it?
I am hearing... the washing machine
I am sitting... in the shed:)
Random thought... hands don't operate very well when they're numb
Favorite Photo...
Ah!  Warm, delightful, encouraging Arizona!  Do you miss me as much as I miss you?
Good times=)

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