~April Journal~
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Spring has sprung. . . though the weather seems to be in denial
Submitted By margery on 10/04/06
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 ~April 5, 2010, 9:36PM~ 
The weather out my window... has been rather chilly and damp lately - including snow
I am thinking... of the new friends, stunning scenery, and spiritual growth I was blessed with on my wonderful Arizona trip=)
What I've occupied myself with today... Planning out several new sewing projects, practicing piano a lot, catching up on the laundry, baking chocolate chip cookies, looking at the AZ pictures, studying various things, making lists, singing, etc
I am wearing... a thrifted spring green knit top, a denim skirt, and a certain borrowed strawberry apron;)
I am hoping... That my family doesn't catch the flu. It seems to making the rounds. . . =(
I am thankful... for a sewing machine and thread... lots of it!
One of my favorite things... Pussy willows
I am reading... 1 John, Home Comforts, and gallons of piano music
Plans for the week... Finish sewing Clara's new dress, start my other sewing projects, post some finished items in my shop, practice still more piano, get out my accordion sometime, too, and hopefully see the H's, whom I've not had a chance to visit with for over a month now! =(  That last item is truly scandalous - we must be sure to remedy that, Tasha:)
In the kitchen... is hot lentil soup, fresh goat milk, and chocolate chip cookies
A truth I am musing on... That you only begin to really learn when you admit that you don't know it all
I am creating... a pattern for a darling new line of canvas totes, a new blouse for the shop, also working extensively on de-bugging said shop
I am wishing... I owned a fabric store. . . =)
I am hearing... household noises
Random thought... I hate leave-takings
Favorite Photo...
Goofing off at Ian's house
Coming soon - a series of posts featuring The Trip. . .  Stay tuned!

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