Day Two: Southern Utah, Zion National park, and Cameron, Arizona
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In which we vastly entertain each other, take over 400 pictures, and use the word wow excessively
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March 14th, Sunday  Noon?
We are cruising along a sun-drenched and windswept highway through the south of Utah.  The weather now is nearly diametrically opposed to what we went through this morning!  Sweaters have been relegated to the back seat to be replaced with sunglasses. . .  
We are planning to stay at place called Cameron in Az. tonight, then drive the four hours over to the Grand Canyon tomorrow so we can look our fill before heading into Phoenix.
The scenery we are driving through is... stunning.  
We just stopped by the side of the road to take some pictures of a fantastically colored plateau which even Mr. Zocket dubbed impressive.  That's saying a lot, for I have a strong suspicion that all of of the incessant oohing and aahhing (not to mention Wowing) from five females in the car is wearing on him. . .=) 
We're now headed down the road again.  The colours are so rich!  As Mandy said a second ago - even the road is red!  
We drove until well after midnight last night, then at last we pulled into a truck stop for the rest of the night.  Our eyes were rested, at any rate. . . I, for one, can hardly lay claim to much sleep!:)  Good times.
Well, we just pulled into the Zion visitors center.  It's... you guessed it!  Gorgeous.
Must go.  More later!              
Good morning!
We're waking up... Promise!

A truly pitiful sight - three Idaho girls (not to mention Montana) caught in a blizzard with nothing better than sandals and flats!
The Utah residents were equally unprepared.  As you can see, there was not a snow shovel to be found=)

The onlookers inside the restaurant were highly amused;)


Time for a picture - everybody smile!

Our first glimpse of red

No comment
Emily and Isaac entertain us. . . 
. . . Vastly
A typical moment
We pulled off the highway to take some pictures down a gorgeous dirt road with snow-capped peaks in the distance - and to let of some steam=)

Em thought this made a neat picture...I rather agree

Mrs. Zocket's perspective. . . 

. . . My perspective 
Mr. Zocket surveys the scenery
Caption contest, anyone? ;)

"Just how do you expect me to get up here again?!"


Upon alighting from our rocky perch, poor Mandy cut her toe on something. . . At least not all of us were worried to much:)

Mandy making the most of a sticky situation

We  agreed that this was the perfect scene for an acrobatic getaway in an old western movie;)
I also believe that it was at this juncture that Mr. Zocket began singing the ballad of the Mississippi Squirrel that went berserk . . . just for the record;)

Entering Zion


We dubbed this astounding rock formation Noah's Ark - look for it in many of the pictures
A bud I found intriguing 
Wow again.
One of the two group shots we got on the entire trip
The Beehives 
We're pretty sure he's not from Mississippi. . . 
We saw this amazing warrior-like figure carved on the side of a canyon wall - see him?  Right in the middle, towards the top?
Noah's Ark sighting - Wow!  That is awesome!  Oh, look!  Wow!  (Get the idea?;)
On the road out of Zion, there were two tunnels in the cliff side, and one of them had windows looking out on the canyon below - pretty neat!
In the tunnel
The road out
We descend into Grand Canyon country
Arizona at last!

"Once I stole a box of peaches down to Fredonia". . . No one had even heard of moon lily tea! 
Growing up reading Marguerite Henry, I thought it was neat to be in Brighty's  stompin' grounds;) 

Ivan stands in two states at once - with his Reese's pointing symbolically to our promised land

"Wake up, Mandy!  There's a skenic view!"  (Inside joke=)
There was an intriguing site by the road called the Cliff Dwellers, where we stopped to stretch our legs - and - yep.  Take more pictures.
There was no other sign of habitation for miles around, not counting the tackle shop down the way where a sign reposed in the window reading "restrooms for customers only."  Heather bought a stick of gum=)

Ellen thinks this looks like a hippo standing on its hind legs. . .  

More art

I loved the color of the old paint on the door and window frames
Ivan & Saffy
The only vegetation we saw for many miles - sad, isn't it? =)
A rustic three-seater
Heather, Isaac, Emily and I climbed up the cliffside the see the view. . . 
. . . and to find a souvenir in the form of a red rock

The rocks looked like this

We looked like this=)
Poor Mandy was feeling a "wee bit 'wobbit";) at this point and stayed below

Then we raced back down the hill and hit the dusty trail again
We came to this really neat gorge with a river running through it.  One bridge was for vehicles, the other for gawkers on foot:)
Straight down
Back in the caravan, we settled down for the stretch to Cameron.  It was so peaceful - everyone was tired but happy, and we were treated to one of the most gorgeous sunsets I've ever seen.
A picture simply cannot do it justice
The sky was putting forth a blazing grand finale of glorious color as we pulled in to the hotel at Cameron.  Pulled into Cameron, I should say, for the town is little more than a combined hotel/trading post-gift store-post office, and gas station=)

We were delighted to find this lovely spanish-style garden set around the hotel rooms!  Us girls thought about getting up really early and having a photo session in our fancy dresses, but... I'm sure you know how it goes;)
The girls were blessed to have a room all to ourselves, which was so much fun!  
Well, I must apologize for this outrageously long post. . . I actually weeded out more than 300 pictures before I decided on which to include in this entry.  Monday will in all likelihood be as long, or nearly so, but the rest should be reasonably sized;)
Coming up next:  the sunrise off our private balcony in Cameron, going incognito as tourists at the Grand Canyon, and completely loosing it as we sail along the home stretch into Phoenix. . . Stay tuned!
Your amicable tour guide,


*P.S. I don't know what's up with the text in this post being black - but at this point, I don't really care too much=)* 
Au Revoir!

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Re: Day Two: Southern Utah, Zion National park, and Cameron, Arizona
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I love #14!!!
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Re: Day Two: Southern Utah, Zion National park, and Cameron, Arizona
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Isn't it neat?  The lighting was perfect that day:)

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