Happy 13th Birthday, Ellen!
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~April 25, 2010~
Submitted By margery on 10/04/26
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Well, another year has come - and gone.  I still can't quite grasp it yet, but there it is.
The Seasons creep so stealthily by.  
They are quite masters of the art by this time, and I can do nothing but bow my head in acknowledgment of their inevitability.  I have even resolved to befriend them. . . I am discovering that they hold innumerable blessings, is spite of the pain they carry by changing the things we know and love.
Which reminds me.
My little sister went and did something yesterday.  Something I never thought she really had the gumption to do.  *Affects a cultured British accent* (If you do not know what said gumption is, you probably won't understand if I tried to explain. . . Ahem)  
My little sister went and had a birthday, that's what she did.  And not just any birthday.  She had a thirteenth birthday.  
Dear Ellen,
Welcome to the joys of being a full-fledged young lady.  It is a very special and important job - we have enormous power in our wonderful role as daughters of the King.  May you be blessed and continue to be a blessing to the world God has placed you in, delighting in the will of the Father.
I love you!

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Re: Happy 13th Birthday, Ellen!
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Posted 2010/04/29 - 0:46 GMT
Kellie, you are such a good big sister!  And, happy birthday Yellin Smellin Ellen Christine, Queen of Everything!
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Re: Happy 13th Birthday, Ellen!
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2010/05/01 - 2:45 GMT
Awwww.... Happy Birthday to her too!
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Re: Happy 13th Birthday, Ellen!
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Posted 2010/05/01 - 18:30 GMT
Happy birthday Ellen! Enjoy this year to the fullest! You are such a sweet friend and I've enjoyed your friendship.

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