~May Journal~
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In which we hold the fort. . .
Submitted By margery on 10/05/19
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~May 18, 2010, 9:12PM~ 
The weather out my window... Cool, rainy darkness
I am thinking... about my parents, who are somewhere over the Pacific ocean right now!  They are headed to Hawaii, Pa for one week, Ma for two, to see my Uncle Adam and his family.  Uncle Adam is being promoted to the rank of Cost Guard Officer, so they will be there to see the ceremony.  Uncle Adam is also being transferred to Seattle, so he and Aunt Susie are traveling there to to purchase a house, and Ma will be babysitting their children in Hawaii.
I am wearing... A brown embroidered cowgirl boot tee, a homemade denim skirt, and my hair down loose
I am feeling... sleepy, content, and rather Maid Marian-ish
I am thankful... for my wonderful brother and sisters
One of my favorite things... snuggling on the sofa with the girls, all ready for bed, and watching a great movie
I am reading... Judges, 1 Corinthians, The Triumph of the Scarlet PimpernelThe Screwtape Letters, and Sergeant York
In the kitchen... is tidy darkness
I am creating... a piano arrangement of For the Beauty of the Earth
I am wishing... I had the material to start my medieval gown. . . :)
I am hearing... Errol Flynn: "Overtaxed, overworked, and paid off with a knife, a club, or a rope."  Olivia de Havilland: "Why, you speak treason"  Flynn:  "Fluently."
I am watching... My siblings watch in entrancement as Robin Hood holds off an entire castle of Norman retainers from his vantage point amongst the support arches of Sir Guy of Gisborne's keep
Random thought... Eugene Pallette has a hysterically nasal voice. . . =)
Favorite Photo...
Mandy, Sharon, and I

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Re: ~May Journal~
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/05/19 - 16:51 GMT
I'm so glad your parents were able to take this trip!  I'm sure they're having a lovely time:)
I've been feeling quite Maid Marian-ish lately, too;)
Best line in the whole movie, and my favorite=)  Oh, and anytime there's laughing;)
We'll have to have a sewing day and watch that movie...
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Re: ~May Journal~
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2010/05/19 - 17:10 GMT
Yep, my favorite line in my favorite movie. =)
Give me a call!  We'll be home this whole week, so if you're up to coming over here, you know you're always more than welcome.  We could sew, watch a movie, and of course, laugh our selves silly. . . 

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