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A Post!!!
Submitted By margery on 10/08/11
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I've ducked in my head into the world of blogging for a brief moment, due to the combined events that I have access to a computer, no one else is using it, I have pictures available to share, for once, and I feel like it=)
First, the pictures -
(I know, the pictures are pathetic.  They're in reality screencaps={)
lastly, the news -
Yesterday was the 4-H sewing Fashion Revue, as you might have guessed.  Gallons of fun.  
I was so proud of our girls!  
But I regress, and time presses, because. . .
In about sixty minutes, Johnny will be here!!!  In Idaho!  (In case you didn't pick that important last bit up).  
(L to R, Aubrey, crawdad, and Johnny)
By the by, said Johnny is our cousin.  From Maryland.  
I begged permission for his sister, my cousin Rebecca to come too, but it wasn't meant to be.  She's promised for a visit next year, though, so I try to console myself with that happy thought.
I must fly.
I do apologize for this incoherent piece of folderol masquerading as a blog post.  Evidently, unlike riding a bicycle, blogging doesn't come naturally after a prolonged absence.
With which words, I bid you a hasty and half giddy with excitement adieu.
With love,

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Posted 2010/08/12 - 0:26 GMT
Oh, Kellie!  Your dress is darling!!  And the gloves look smashing=)
How exciting!!!  Cousins are so special.  
I can hardly wait to meet one of the fabulous cousins from Maryland that I've heard so much about!!=D  I'm disappointed that Becca couldn't come, too, but I'm looking forward to meeting her next year:)
Your loving friend who hopes to see you again very soon,
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Posted 2010/08/18 - 2:35 GMT
What a talent you all are!  Lovely dresses, girls!   Aunt Anna loves you all!
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Posted 2010/08/18 - 16:47 GMT
Hi, Aunt Anna!  Thank you=)
We love you too!

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