"People don't die of trifling little colds. . ."
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- Mrs. Bennett
Submitted By margery on 10/09/04
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Well, my blog is just about ready to go prime-time, as the brilliant creator of PlexPedia is so fond of saying!
Unfortunately, I've been rather out of the swing of things for the last two or three days. . . I can't remember exactly, having been reduced to the confines of a couch or bed in the throes of a shockingly disagreeable cold.  Though rest assured, I did not catch it while on horseback in a thunder shower whist on a less than ingenuous errand. . .=)
On other news, I plan to release The Blog to the public just as soon as I have sufficient time and energy to devote to the task.
Which will hopefully be very soon;-)
(Scene: In an upper room at Netherfield Park...)
{Doctor} ". . . Accompanied by local immflamation of the larynx, not to mention some pulmonary congestion and nuralgic pains in the temporal region."
{Mr. Bingley} "In other words, Miss Jane, you have a bad cold, and a headache."
{Miss Bingley} "What do you advise us to do, Doctor?"
{Doctor} "I would advise the immideate application of a synapisim."
{Jane} "A sidapisel?!"
{Mr. Bingley} "A mustard plaster!"
All my love,

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Posted 2010/09/04 - 17:22 GMT
I had to watch that movie after reading this;)  I love that adaptation of P & P - it's so cute, although not historically accurate.  But, I really don't care, it's still cute:)
Your loving friend who hopes that you have completely recovered from your cold,
~Miss Natasha Marie~

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