Our Thanksgiving Day
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Submitted By margery on 10/11/27
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It snowed all day.  A peaceful, gentle, steady snowfall.
We stirred, measured, mixed, and tasted all morning.  Then we got dressed in our festive attire - and I grabbed Ellen and ran outside to get a picture in the lovely outdoors.
She didn't want to go out in freezing temperatures with no coat - she thought I was crazy.  Perhaps I was=)
However, I think it was worth it.
We spent Thanksgiving at some dear friend's of ours down the road.
Our friends' driveway - actually, it's the back way.  The front drive was too icy!
We sang "over the river and through the woods" on the way there.  At least I did=)
~Waiting for dinner~
I love these girls!
I smell deliciousness. . .
All the children went out sledding after the feast (all nine of them), while the men went out hunting.  The ladies had tea and washed up - so nice!
Funny face friends=)
Night fell.  The men came back, quite frozen and gameless, but having a great time!  
We heated up the remains of the feast, and did it all over again:)
The little girls set up house on the kitchen floor
The smiling sledders
We cleaned up the second feast and settled down to play games, discuss important topics, or play house, respectively.
I got out my dulcimer and we sang - my favorite part of the day!
Ellen shone in her role of master-storyteller.
And so ended our Thanksgiving day.
Happy Trails, y'all!

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Re: Our Thanksgiving Day
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Posted 2010/11/27 - 19:53 GMT
Looks like you all had a delicious time;)
I love the picture of you and Ellen:) 
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Re: Our Thanksgiving Day
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2010/12/05 - 3:56 GMT
Thanks, Tasha;)  
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Re: Our Thanksgiving Day
2 hours - 249v
Posted 2010/12/04 - 20:58 GMT
Thank you for sharing!  I love the sisters picture!!!  Give my girl a big hug!  Love, Aunt Anna
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Re: Our Thanksgiving Day
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2010/12/05 - 3:58 GMT
I will=)  Love you!

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