Perhaps. . .
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Just a day in the life of a Farmgirl
Submitted By margery on 10/10/30
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Entering in the Farmgirl Friday blog Hop!
Perhaps I was wearing my favorite denim circle skirt and brown sweater that day as I went out to the goat pens to meet a buyer interested in our Boer buck, Chauvelin.
Perhaps, on being asked "Does he lead well?", I confidently and innocently replied; "Oh, yes, he was raised out in the pasture on a lead rope with my little sisters - he's very well behaved."
Perhaps I was then unceremoniously plunged into an unprecedented, tremendous, terrifying, half hour long war, attempting to load said well-behaved buck into the buyer's pickup.
Perhaps, just perhaps, I named said well-behaved buck Citizen Chauvelin for a reason, after all.  Other than the fact that I was reading El Dorado around the time I named him.  Impair de poissons.  Le Terrorist.  ;D
Perhaps you have never experienced the physical and mental anguish of wrestling with an animal notorious for it's repugnant aroma, emanating fruity wafts of repulsive barnyard bouquet, and liberally splashed with that nameless, thick, odorous muck that accumulates after several weeks of rain in a goat pen.
Perhaps, oh, perhaps, that vile caprine creature was not the only thing liberally splashed with deplorable muck by the time I tackled, desperately sized, and bodily cast him up into the bed of the truck.
Perhaps I was never so glad in all my life to see someone leave our property as I was to see that whimsical, cruel, amused buyer go down the drive with that buck safely fastened to a sturdy rope in the bed, their cash safely ensconced in my now besmeared and besmelled skirt pocket.
Perhaps I astonished my poor mother by charging through the open front door, thrusting the paper bills into her hand, and crying UNCLEAN!! UNCLEAN!!! whilist racing for the shower.
Perhaps copious amounts of soap are the epitome of luxury, lavender is akin to a miricle, and I will never again give my word of honor about a goat.
Perhaps all of these things are true.

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Re: Perhaps. . .
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/11/02 - 2:37 GMT
Hmm...have a nice day, dear?  ;^D
Oh, I can sympathize, except my wonderful, lovely, soaking wet sheep do not stink.  ;)
Thanks for the laugh=)
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Re: Perhaps. . .
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2010/11/02 - 23:24 GMT
Yes, but you do not have a ram. . . though even then, I doubt if rams are even nearly as repulsive as bucks;)
My pleasure! =)
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Re: Perhaps. . .
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/11/02 - 23:49 GMT
Ah, but I did have a ram for three months when we borrowed George (aka Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland;) two years ago.  He didn't stink either:)  Sheep just don't stink...or maybe I'm used to it.  That's always an possibility;D
Much love,
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Re: Perhaps. . .
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Posted 2010/11/02 - 15:45 GMT
I CAN RELATE!!!   Not everyone can truly appreciate the terrible way a Billy Goat smells. . . but I can. . . 
I have also had experiences similar to this. . . I sympathize.  Citizen Chavaulin -- what a great name for a goat. :D
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Re: Perhaps. . .
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2010/11/02 - 23:34 GMT
They're awfully awful, aren't they?  I think pretty much everyone I know who own bucks have similar horror stories...  
Thank you kindly for your sympathy.  After all I've gone through, it is much appreciated.  ;)
I thought his name was rather fitting=)
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Re: Perhaps. . .
7 hours - 329v
Posted 2011/03/27 - 5:05 GMT
Icky pooh! Soap is indeed a boon to mankind...especially anti-bacterial. Oy.
I hope your clothes weren't totally ruined after that ordeal.
God bless,
~"Wild Rose"~

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