Sheer Elegance
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Submitted By margery on 10/11/22
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What is the difference between Organdy and Organza?
Organdy and Organza are similar fabrics, but it can be confusing because the words are sometimes used interchangeably. They are both stiff, sheer fabrics. The difference comes down to fiber content. Organdy is usually cotton or nylon. Organza is usually polyester or silk.
 If you are fan of black & white movies, you have seen Organdy used in apparel. Little girls wore ruffled pinafores, ladies in pearls and heels hosted parties wearing cute aprons made of Organdy over their dresses. Stunning cocktail blouses with tremendous puffed sleeves are my favorite images of apparel made with Organdy.
It's all about the volume with the sheerness.Silk Organza is a very popular fabric to use as an interlining to fine garments made of silk. If you create a dupioni silk skirt, adding an interlining of Silk Organza and a lining will give your garment an extended life of looking great and performing well. Silk Organza adds no weight, and yet it will ease the stresses of wear on the more expensive silk fabric. If used as a fashion fabric, even polyester Organza adds a layer of sheer sophistication to skirts and blouses. 
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