These Happy Golden Days
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Submitted By margery on 10/12/17
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7:45 AM found me in the car, being taken out to breakfast by my wonderful brother.  We had such a jolly time!  Singing in deplorable harmony, trying to get the poor little heater to start up, and cheerfully moaning over the fact that we were five minutes late, we finally pulled into the parking lot at The Country Boy in Athol.  
Where we had an even more jolly time=)
Tasha and Alex rendezvoused with us there, and it was quite a fabulous little outing.  The novelty of going out to breakfast by ourselves, combined with sparkling conversation, delicious food (I, for the record, had stuffed french toast sw athed in berries and cream;) and wonderful fellowship, made it an experiment I would like to try again!  It was so fun to act quite grown up and independent...
After breakfast, we all drove down the road a ways to the spot where our Azure food co-op pick-up is held.  We found our order among the piles of boxes and cases, and after talking a bit more, headed for home down the frozen road.
Thanks so much for joining us, Snookie! Tristan!  I enjoyed it so much!
On the way home, I had a letter waiting for me.  Now any day that one receives a letter just for them, is sure to be a special one!  I read it while we were toiling up the long, snowy driveway, and finished it while my sisters pounced on and devoured my white carry-home box filled with stuffed french toast. (the french toast, not the styrofoam;)  In a few minutes, our friend Tess arrived for a visit.  She has lived in China, and speaks Chinese very well.  We've been learning to speak and write that beautiful language with her, and it's so much fun!  
I sent off a custom order apron to a customer, as well.  It was a very fun project to work on - what do you think?
I enjoyed working with such bright, cheerful colors, though they're not my usual palette.  And the Dachshunds are really cute;)

That crossed off my list, I sat down in the afternoon to watch It's A Wonderful Life with the girls, while making buttons.  I recently invested in a pin-back button maker, and it's so much fun to use!  I also have parts for making mirror-back buttons - fun!  Look for them in the shop soon.


Well, the Yuletide Farmgirl Festival is halfway through!  I've enjoyed each and every entry so far, and I want you all to know how much I appreciate your participation.
If you haven't yet, be sure to enter in the Giveaway going on!
I hope you have a lovely, joyful day!

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Re: These Happy Golden Days
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/12/19 - 0:00 GMT
Well, I don't think my conversation was all that sparkling - my brain doesn't officially "wake-up" until around 9 AM - but the rest of you made up for that:)
It was a fabulous little outing, and we definitely need to try a few more experiments like that one!
Thank you for inviting us=)
Oh, Aunt Beth's apron is so sweet!!!  The Dachshunds are certainly very cute, and I know she'll love it:)
It sounds like you had a loverly day, too;)
Much love,
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Re: These Happy Golden Days
2 days - 3,135v
Posted 2010/12/19 - 4:13 GMT
The 1st taste of a little independance is fun isn't it :). That apron is adorable :) I like the shape of it, and the colors too.

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