The Golden Hours Treasury
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Submitted By margery on 11/01/09
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As you probably know, I am working on developing my own design company.
 It resides at
Although I want my image to be an independent business, I also started a "side" shop on  It's not my main focus, but I decided to go ahead and have a presence there.  I love using Etsy - it so fun to browse, as well as interact with other crafters and consumers alike!
Yesterday, a kind Etsy seller (from Scotland, no less!) featured one of my items  (the Celtic Bonnie Lass Ensemble) in a treasury, and I had to share it with you all!  I love the muted, golden palette, and anything Scottish is superior by default=)
Click here to view the treasury on Etsy!

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Re: The Golden Hours Treasury
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Posted 2011/01/10 - 1:02 GMT
Etsy is a fun place to explore! How exciting that your outfit was featured in a treasury! I've barely had my shop open a week, yet I've already been featured in five treasuries. Hopefully I'll make my first sale soon!
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Re: The Golden Hours Treasury
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2011/01/10 - 2:37 GMT
Congratulations on opening your shop!  I love your photography so much.  I hope you'll get you first sale soon, too!
Yes, I've been surprised by how many people have featured me, also.  I'm not promoting my Etsy shop very much at the moment , but it gets quite a few visitors, just the same. . . which is exactly what I wanted=)
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Re: The Golden Hours Treasury
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/01/10 - 1:20 GMT
How exciting!!!=)
I love browsing Etsy.

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