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Submitted By margery on 11/02/08
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A couple years ago, I made an epic discovery in the U.K. designer, Cath Kidston.  Her designs are so delightful, so unforgettable, and so cute that I've been hooked ever since.  I'm enthralled with the colourful ;) designs, the adorable styling, and the evident quality I see on the the web shop - Cath
When I see a handbag like this, My first thought is "I love that!  I want it". . . Then; "I'd never buy that - don't even look at the price, Kellie - I'll make my own!"  I get the itch to make one of my own.  Not only one of my own, but a hundred of them, and sell them, and start designing the next handbag line!  It's in my blood, I suppose.  I love the thought of selecting the shape and style of that cunning little leather buckle.  I want to decide where the pockets go.  I think this one is simply crying out for contrasting slate-coloured piping. . .  
Someday, if the Lord wills, I have the vision to create my own design "empire", like Cath has done.  She started out small.  She exercised her God-given creativity, and today she is a smashing success! 
". . .Gradually Cath began to design her own prints and products. One of the first was a printed ironing board cover – practical, quirky and with a distinctive floral print, it has come to epitomize the Cath Kidston look. The product base has expanded steadily to include an extensive range of homewares as well as women’s fashion and accessories and the 2008 launch of the Cath Kids brand.  Various ranges are manufactured under license by companies including Churchill China and Fulton Umbrellas.  Cath’s aim has always been to create well-priced, good quality products that are fun, practical and original. . ."
Someday I might even get up the nerve to overcome my Scottish penny-pinching ways and buy something.  Though I haven't any idea how I could decide what to get=)  If ever I discover a dear rich uncle in Scotland, I'll ask him to help me out of my dilemma!
Sounds like a plan.  In the meanwhile, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite items so that you can go and dream of a dear rich Scottish uncle, too.
Bunch Flowers Handbag
Candy Flowers Day Bag
Bright Bunch Hazel Dress
Bright Bunch Trix Top
If I had an iPhone. . .=)
Spray Flowers IPhone case
Candy Flowers Walking Umbrella
Provence Rose Big Book of Threads Tin
Cowboy Applique Vintage Apron
This one is too much. . . why am I torturing myself like this? ;)
Provence Rose Cake Stand
Provence Rose Cup and Saucer Set
Provence Rose Side Plate Set
Oh, dear.  I'm not strong enough for this. . .  Ahhh!  Too cute!
Set of 4 Provence Rose Espresso Cups
Make Do and Mend Kilt Pin,  Rose pocket watch
Cherry Picnic Hamper
Provence Rose Set of 3 Cake Tins
Provence Rose & Spot Tea Towels
Summer Blossom Knitting Needle Roll
Washing Day!
Birds Notebook
The most darling stationary in the world.  Ever.  *Sigh*
Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely Tuesday, friends!

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