A Perfect Summer Chapeau
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Submitted By margery on 11/02/21
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I do believe this hat is one of the nicest straw hat forms I've ever seen.  
And oh!  What a joy it would be to decorate!
Inspiration, no?

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Re: A Perfect Summer Chapeau
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Posted 2011/02/21 - 5:53 GMT
Yes. :-) It's one of those I found in my search for a widebrimmed Regency hat. I love the way it would work for 20th (and 21st!) century, too!
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Re: A Perfect Summer Chapeau
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Posted 2011/02/21 - 16:30 GMT
Inspiration, yes! ;)
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Re: A Perfect Summer Chapeau
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Posted 2011/02/21 - 18:24 GMT
Indeed! Wide-brimmed hats are the best for Summer, especially for us lily-white folk who are prone to burning. :-P I prefer canvass or otherwise durable, washable, fabric to straw, myself, but this style is lovely! And yes, it would be fun to decorate--perhaps make removable decorations so you could change them with each season or outfit. One hat, multiple looks!
God bless,
~"Wild Rose"~

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