Is there any witty way to title a tag post these days?
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~7 Random Things pertaining to me~
Submitted By margery on 11/03/11
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My dear Tasha has Tagged me.  What to do?  Nothing, save comply with this "command performance" per say. ;D
~ Presenting Seven Random Things About Myself ~
(or, some things you perhaps never knew about Kellie)
1).  I love {love} love accents.  Listening and speaking.  Scottish is my favorite, naturally.  But I'm best at doing the Australian.  I got myself into a funny predicament one day from using my Aussie accent with a perfect stranger... or so I thought!  Sorry to be so tantalizing - I'll share the story some day. =) Promise.
2).  The only bone I've ever broken was my collarbone, when I was five.  I tripped over the dog.
3). During my horseback riding adventures over the years, I've fallen off four times, been bucked off twice, and bailed once.  Pretty good, considering some of the horses I've ridden...:D  During this time, praise God, I've never been injured once!
4). I've ridden approx. twenty-three horses during my life.  No, twenty-four.  I think.  That took awhile to count... ;)
5). Hmm, let's see.  I used to detest computers unmixedly.  Now I detest them occasionally, and with reservations... I think they're fabulous, and I dream of the day when I have my own 15" MacBook Pro, and then again I sometimes wish they were never invented. . .
6).  I can span 11 keys on the piano,
7). And, lastly, I wear a pith helmet in public.
How'd I do?  Random enough?
I hope you enjoyed! =)
P.S.  Oh, and I very nearly forgot!
I pass this tag on to my lovely followers (at least, those who are very brave and are willing to participate! =)

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Re: Is there any witty way to title a tag post these days?
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Posted 2011/03/11 - 4:37 GMT
Oh, very random indeed!:)
  1. Is it the story I'm thinking of, or a different one?
  2. I didn't know that - learn something new every day:)
  3. Let's see, I've fallen off 3 times (twice during jumping class;), been bucked off once, and bailed off probably 4 times...I might be forgetting a few, though. 
  4. Oh dear.  25 that I can remember right now...  So many wonderful horses.  Gae-ton, my first lesson horse.  The sweetest little Arab mare and she took such good care of me.  Doc, Zephyr, Cody and Shadow at Marian's.  And Bob:)  I've learned something from each of them and I love them all.
  5. The understatement of the year;)
  6. I can only span 9:'(
  7. I love your pith helmet:)
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Re: Is there any witty way to title a tag post these days?
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2011/03/11 - 17:10 GMT
Yes, it is the story you're thinking of;)
Hm, I guess so!
I'm off now to see if I can buy some vintage weasels - I'll explain later, dear.  ;D
See you soon!
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Re: Is there any witty way to title a tag post these days?
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/03/12 - 3:22 GMT
Yes, you explained alright! 
I can only imagine the look on my face when I opened the door, although I tried very hard not to look surprised;D  I hope you got the reaction you were expecting from me;)
You looked simply smashing, dear, especially with the red coat=)
Love you!
P.S. Kellie, you have no idea what a blessing you were to me today.  Thanks for being there for me:)
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Re: Is there any witty way to title a tag post these days?
7 hours - 329v
Posted 2011/03/12 - 23:15 GMT
1. Me, too! Especially brogues (Scottish, Irish) and Yorkshire-talk. Hee!
2. Ouch! :-O
5. Honey, if computers had never been invented, I'd probably still be wondering what ever became of you and Ellen all this time. ;-) But I understand what you mean; I never thought I'd be as computer-dependant as I am now!
6. Hmmm...I think I can *just* *barely* coax my teeny little hands to stretch an octave on the piano.
Now you know why I play the recorders instead. :-P
It's always fun to learn new things about people, especially random funny things. Thanks for leaving it open as to who can participate!
God bless,
~"Wild Rose"~

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