Hurried Hello & a Giveaway!
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Submitted By margery on 11/03/29
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Hello, all!  Just checking in to say I'm not dead, nor have I been kidnapped. . . has it really been over eight days since I've even posted anything?  Goodness.
Well, In other news, my uncle and two scrumptious cousin kidlets are visiting for the week, I picked my fingertips to blisters on my ukulele during a day trip to Montana, and SPRING IS HERE!!!
On top of that, Tasha is hosting a giveaway in honor of the Grand Opening of her brand-new Etsy shop, Wool and Whatnot.
Head on over for a chance to win one of three lovely prizes!
Well, I'm off to start lentil soup and cornbread.  I have very good helpers - two small tykes (Clara and her cousin Victoria) have just come in from the dark, wet forest and a game of "little-red-riding-hood-and-the-huge-mean-wolf", and little Weston is sitting in my lap, intently watching my fingers typing away in front of him.  He means to help me stir the batter and eat raisins. . . but... Oh!  Any minute now - Off he goes...
Fast asleep in my lap. . . I think I'll go cuddle him for awhile instead.
 Toodles, dears!

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