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Submitted By margery on 11/06/02
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Yes, It's me. =)
I am so happy to see PlexPedia back in action once more - it was having tecnichal difficulties for a bit there, but it looks like we're good to go again.
Additionally, I am stopping by the blog in the middle of making a great big pot of lentil soup and cornbread for lunch to feed to the hungry gardeners working in the greenhouse.  It's a lovely rainy day, and weeding underneath that canopy of warm, thick plastic is quite fun:)  The outside world looks like a watercolor painting through the rain droplets streaming from the center of the hoop house.
  • I am amazed at the undeniable fact that my graduation ceremony is a little over a week away!  I am looking forward to that with the utmost excitement.  
  • My mother sprained her ankle two Sundays ago and has been experiencing pain and a great deal of swelling.  Praise the Lord, she seems to be slowly recovering, but we would appreciate prayers for her to be out of pain and fully recovered soon.  And thank God for essential oils!
  • 4-H archery is going splendidly.  I am hoping to get a recurve bow of my own here soon.  Very fun.  (Here a friend kindly gave me the use of theirs:)
  • A gorgeous swallowtail butterfly paid us a visit the other day and I was delighted to get some photographs of him - he seemed to take a liking to Tilda from the outset;)
I have very big, very exciting plans both for my near future and this blog's!  I can hardly wait to show you what is in store. . . finding time to make these plans reality in the midst of a full, hectic summer will be interesting;)
Well, that's all for now - y'all come back now, you hear?
P.S. I am very fond of wall tents.


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